>Some Aphorisms from Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

>No one has ever achieved anything of value without having aimed for something extraordinary.

Greatness lies in seeing without envy others achieve the same successes one is striving for.

To have and not to give is in some instances worse than stealing.

Whoever inspires us with compassion and awe, has unlimited power over us.

We should always forgive. We should forgive the repentant for their sake, the unrepentant for our sake.

There are more truths in a good book than its author ever intended.

There are instances in which to be reasonable is to be cowardly.

There is only one proof of ability: doing it.

We are always paid back, even if not by those to whom we lent.

If you view life as a challenge, then it’s always tolerable.

Many a person professes a good heart, but in truth has only weak nerves.

People who chase after ever greater wealth without taking the time to enjoy it are like hungry people who are forever cooking but never sit down to eat.

It is a characteristic of the great that they demand far less of other people than of themselves.

True love can exist between very different types of people; lasting friendship only between the same type of people. For this reason the latter is rarer than the former.

A thought cannot awake without waking other thoughts.

The most bearable hypocrites are those who accept every pleasure offered them out of a sense of duty.

When your absolutely only choice is between an untruth and rudeness, then choose rudeness; if, however, your choice is between an untruth and cruelty, then choose the untruth.

A great book contains a whole life.

The greatest leveller is politeness; it removes all class distinctions.

The invented can be perfected, the created can only be imitated.

However much you paid for a beautiful illusion, you got a bargain.

— — —


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